Breakfast Bowl with Lililup Melon

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  •  Lililup melon
  • 1 vegan yoghurt
  • Blueberries
  • 3 spoons of muesli
  • 1 spoon of seed mix: sesame, pumpkin and sunflower


  • Cut the melon in half and remove the seeds. Using a spoon, carefully remove the flesh of the melon, and set aside. Turn your melon into a bowl.
  • Chop the melon into small pieces and put it back in the bowl. Now add the yoghurt, the muesli, the blueberries and your seed mix.
  • Enjoy a healthy breakfast.

This colourful recipe is everything you could ever want in a combination of flavours. We love breakfast! Even more so when you can enjoy a healthy, tasty Lililup melon. The Breakfast Bowl has a mix of ingredients that will bring your morning to life. Delicious and easy to prepare. Enjoy this combination of flavour and texture!

Enjoy an innovative concept – it’s healthy, too.

This Lililup melon breakfast is super crunchy and filled with sweet flavour. We also add a bit of yoghurt and some blueberries. There are so many flavours and textures in this bowl. You can’t beat it! Enjoy!



Time: 10min


Difficulty: easy


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