Lililup, a melon without complications.

I know I'm small, but I love myself, I value myself, I know I have many qualities that will make you like me if you try me.

Lililupby Jimbee

The first
Mini Melon

Enjoy Lililup wherever and whenever you want. An exquisite mini melon grown in the best lands of the Cartagena countryside.

The size matters

An unique size

The size for sure matters. My unique size makes me more touchable. A melon without complications and with personality. I'm as small as I am delicious.

New shape

You will enjoy me with a spoon

The right melon to bring everywhere. To the office, to the gym or for the little ones as you can take me everywhere. Juicy and super sweet, Lililup allows you to enjoy with a simple spoon. Cut it on half, take out the seeds and eat!